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Monica Lewinsky and the madness…

good for you monica….you have a voice and you have used it…. shame on andrea peyser and the new york post for shaping history once again…. having worked at The White House, i remain fascinated as to how this affair … Continue reading

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Mr. Mandela

I knew the passing of Nelson Mandela was imminent, however, i didnt realize the impact it would have on me…..I am in awe of his grace, dignity, power and life…. I was living in D.C. When he was released…..i remember … Continue reading

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I just never knew….

I just never knew….I never knew….I never knew it would be this hard…..who would have thought. Birth, life and death. I dealt with life, however, death is getting in the way. Dad is 96 and looks 55….he loves politics, quiz … Continue reading

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Life and Destruction

it just doesn’t make sense — they worked all their lives for us and he continues to destroy…. he will be responsible if anything happens to them before they get the joy they deserve… it is like obamacare…all over the … Continue reading

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D.C. guns and the woman driver

not sure why they had to kill her….. men with guns…. yes, she was erratic, however, a bit of men being men? blow out the tires….don’t blow out her brains… talking heads are out of control with chatter….coulda, shoulda…they don’t … Continue reading

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You Just never Know!

you really just never know….i didn’t know…. noone prepared me for caregiving….i use to laugh, go to starbuck’s….make money and wear makeup… now, i worry, cry, make believe everything is o.k. and wish for yesterday…. i have reverted to my … Continue reading

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lonely lady

loneliness stinks…monday madness.. everyone is getting older….my older friends are in pairs…..family are in pairs…. i’m alone….my fault….. don’t want to get sick again….want to stay healthy… if only they knew the truth…. haven’t had my starbuck’s…..

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What is fair anymore?  The Zimmerman Trial?  Snowden?  Crossing the street against the traffic?  Tipping at Starbuck’s on a $5 latte?  27 NFL Football players being arrested in the last year?  What has happened to sanity?  Sad…we are all buying … Continue reading

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Now Syria? Really?! When will the madness stop? Switzerland has the right idea….neutrality. Compassion is real….we just can’t lose more men and women to conflicts we can’t control …madness….

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Noise is everywhere….no one is listening. Today two workers were rescued from the Hearst building….their scaffolding had broken. NY Firefighters went in to rescue….that rescue was every day work to them….to the workers, they saved their lives. Tomorrow will be … Continue reading

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