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Blonde vs Brunette

she came, she left and she’ll come again…. I’m alone, but I know sweetmelissa is out there…. it is raining….good luck to all of us….. she is blonde.. I’m brunette….. not about looks…. about dad…. every day is a blessing….. … Continue reading

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the pain in my life now is eased by Bruce… his best birthday present is the gift of freedom.. it will get better….. not easy dealing with depression as I caregive…. I’m alone, however, music makes it better….. everyone tells … Continue reading

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Scared and alone

I’m scared….alone and scared….. dad isn’t doing well.. the news is depressing….more people being beheaded….creepy happy news…a grandchild will be entering the family… I meditated today to find answers…. when I’m sad I listen to Bruce

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There are nice people…..pay it forward

I’m going to pay it forward today….was feeling evil and sad due to my sibling who wants to control my life. One nice man came forward and offered to help me when he heard I had a back issue…..even though … Continue reading

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