my heart breaks every day as I miss your friendship, laughter, wisdom and soul.  I promise I’ll turn my sadness into smiles as I think of the goodness you brought to the world…the opportunities you gave me to flourish….the siblings who allow me to cry.  I’m told crying is healing…..well….that said, I should be happier soon.

God gave me the opportunity to share the past three years with you…how blessed was I?  Now, I’m helping mom as she misses you but embraces your presence everyday.  Caregiving is complicated… brings the past to the present with no time for living.  Just time for memories.  I love you dad….


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Dad’s Tree

Thank you for your love and the memories of a lifetime.    

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Caregiver as in sweetmelissa

i fall deeper into the world of caregiving.  I’m alone and struggling with pretend strength.  So disappointed in those around me who have disappeared.  Life goes on and yet it has stopped for me.  I’m blessed to have the opportunity to be my parent’s keeper….just hope I’m doing it right.  I recently read Tom Brokaw’s book…”A Lucky Life Interrupted”…….he talks about the need for a national dialogue on the importance of caregiving.  I’m ready to talk, however, let’s listen.  I hate being scared.  I’ll stay calm and hope for a bruce concert for escape. 


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I’m not here today — I’m nowhere as I seek a new meaning for life.  I sound like a 60’s outcast/hippy as I talk about searching for the meaning of life, however, it couldn’t be more true.

I moved from the city to the country to be a caregiver.  I left the hustle and bustle of busy streets, Starbucks, meeting my friends at night for a movie or dinner and some sense of normalcy.  I now live in the country by the beach — I can search for the meaning of life every day as I mourn the loss of my dad.  My grief counselor said it could take up to a year….grief has no permanent definition.  

My friends are now on social websites — how crazy is that?  I have no real identity…just that of a lost soul crying out for help.  I’m now caring for my mom — it is scary….I feel so alone.  I’m blessed to have parents who lived long lives…..I was just never prepared to feel so empty.

I write notes for my gratitude jar — reminding me how lucky I am and giving me my reason for living.  My past life gave me a world of news, government and media at a very high level.  I’m glad I had that life when I was young.  Now, I can just concentrate on being there for others.  I just want someone to tell me it will be o.k.  Bruce? 

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Ugly or Pretty Grief

i am dealing with the ugliness of grief as my dad recently died.  The dark side of grief leaves you empty, alone, feeling as if you are crazy and suicidal.  The pretty side of grief allows you to talk with your loved one as if he or she is still here.  The cut off of constant dialogue in real time is frightening… day they are there….one day they are not.  The pretty side of grief tells you to take walks, go the beach, try yoga all as one’s mind is in constant conflict.  I want normal back….not going to happen.  I have to move on….the “people” tell you it will take six months…..waiting for that cut off.  I went nuts and got a tattoo…’s luck number on my ring finger so I can always his presence.  I want to escape to a bruce concert🌞  

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everyone tells me to be brave…..think happy thoughts…

I’m just trying to get through the minutes of the day…

It has been 2 months since dad died…..everyone wants plans for the future…

I’m just happy to take a walk and make it to starbucks for my fix…

I have to be strong for others…..I’m tired……

Nothing will be the same, however, my gratitude jar is helping…..

I gave a few bucks to a homeless man today… made me feel good….I’m grateful I’ve been blessed in life…

Now I just have to keep moving forward… would want that…..

Thanks tmz for giving me the absurdity in our world… make me laugh 


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I Love You

dad….give me the strength to be strong…..

Dad…..give the strength to make you proud…

I’ll see you again….I want you to smile…

Dad…..I miss you…..I’m in pain, however, you would want me to be your heart and soul…

I’ll figure it out…I just need time…..bring me peace… 


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Dad….I miss you….

Dad died 30 days ago….I miss him terribly…..I live minute to minute……I’m not sure what the new norm is for me…..I miss his voice, his laughter, his soothing support, his face and holding his hand.  He always made me feel so safe.  People tell me I can still talk to him and, I do….I just want to hear him answer.  I look out at the street and try and figure out how to live….the houses on the streets don’t seem the same, the beach looks lazy, television is my best friend.  My family looks at the black and white of life….I have difficulty with that reality. 

Dad, I love you…..we will have the luck of the Irish today…

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Kardashian Krazy

my dad passed away recently….I’m still trying to find my way….

I turn on the tv and see $100 million contracts going to the kardashians… players securing $200 

Million contracts……….the excess of “The Real Housewives of everywhere “…….

I then turn on the news and see the poverty of our country…..children losing their lives in Syria….the 

Silliness of Hilary…..

Take a minute to breathe…..look at the trees….be thankful for every minute of the day….cherish your memories…

Eliminate the excess….means nothing…..

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Sweet Punter – I Love you Dad!  

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