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I Love You

dad….give me the strength to be strong….. Dad…..give the strength to make you proud… I’ll see you again….I want you to smile… Dad…..I miss you…..I’m in pain, however, you would want me to be your heart and soul… I’ll figure … Continue reading

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Paris and Pain

Haven’t written in a bit…. The holidays got in the way of reality… My challenges are the same… I’m getting a gratitude jar that will remind me of the good in my life… Paris asks me if I have the … Continue reading

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Ariana Grande and Pain?

I’m sitting in my favorite coffee pub pondering my goals for the day…. I try and have one goal and if I achieve ….I’m happy…. The sun is shining…..my hair is straight…..I’m feeling sorta skinny….I have no bills today and, … Continue reading

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A little bit crazy, a little bit rock and roll…

I’m thankful for the day… I’m watching “friends” I’m in emotional pain, however, fighting the need to give in… Ross and Rachel are making me laugh… I’ve discovered green smoothies… I’m going to build my strength to find peace…. getting … Continue reading

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