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Help those around you — we are on earth a short time — be the best you can be… Continue reading

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Peaceful Waves

I’m a struggling to write today, however, I hope I can find the strength. I struggle every day with caregiving….I’m blessed and yet helpless… it is so hard to watch the decline of parents when all you remember are the … Continue reading

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Strawberries and the Beach

summer in the country should he peaceful…. chaos is boiling around me…. I walk to the ocean to find solace… it makes me smile to buy the fresh strawberries, blueberries, and cherries…. the clutter in my life has to be … Continue reading

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Sunshine and Coffee

Coffee and sunshine….a nice mix for my morning. Listening to the war stories of the rich and famous. The police chief has been in for his coffee….bike riders in for their water and the rich and famous drinking their espresso. … Continue reading

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Beautiful Blue Hawaii

The night lights were bright with what appeared to be purple orchids as we landed in Hawaii many years ago. The purple orchids were imagined through the eyes of a nine year old little girl. I was bubbling with excitement. … Continue reading

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