Managed Beauty

What would it would like to be beautiful? I’d love to see for a day…..does it may a difference? I’m told beauty is in the eye of the beholder….who is the beholder? Every day I am thankful for my life…..I see the depth of despair around me and question why beauty should be important? I grew up with a beautiful sister…I call her Sandra Dee….her life was a cheerleading saga….all pomp and good circumstances. She has breezed through life….

Sandra is my best friend….what would it be like to be her for a day? Why should beauty matter? I’m mad at myself I care. Curly hair was my nemesis all my life…thank goodness for keratin! Weight….hmmmm, up and down with eyes like Cher.

Mother Theresa was beautiful, Giselle is beautiful, Adele is beautiful, the beach is beautiful… do I define beauty!? After a health scare I always swore I would let toying bother me….beauty, money….work….it is scary how soon we forget.

I don’t want to forget….just figure out beauty.


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