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Jeopardy and the man

so proud of dad…..96 years old and he knew final jeopardy tonight dad is sweet…..doesn’t have the condescending attitude of Alex….. dad is still curious and loves learning and listening. I’m also proud of my dad ad d-day approaches….he was … Continue reading

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Caregiving and Jeopardy

caregiving is the loneliest job in the world….. I try to find laughter along the way… everyone thinks they know…..they don’t…. just don’t try and lose weight along the way….don’t think you’ll find time to get your roots done…. get … Continue reading

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Turning Back Time?

in writing this blog i hope to help myself….it was my mantra at the time. i’m not sure if i’m helping myself or if i’m diving deeper into the reality of depression and/or life. i started my journey at the … Continue reading

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Is Jeopardy relevant?

they watch jeopardy…put up with Alex’s attitude….and come back for more…. he has the answers in front of him…has developed a French accident forgetting he use to host “high rollers”… demographics are over 70 and you can’t interrupt when Alex … Continue reading

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