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my heart breaks every day as I miss your friendship, laughter, wisdom and soul.  I promise I’ll turn my sadness into smiles as I think of the goodness you brought to the world…the opportunities you gave me to flourish….the siblings … Continue reading

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Caregiver as in sweetmelissa

i fall deeper into the world of caregiving.  I’m alone and struggling with pretend strength.  So disappointed in those around me who have disappeared.  Life goes on and yet it has stopped for me.  I’m blessed to have the opportunity … Continue reading

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I Love You

dad….give me the strength to be strong….. Dad…..give the strength to make you proud… I’ll see you again….I want you to smile… Dad…..I miss you…..I’m in pain, however, you would want me to be your heart and soul… I’ll figure … Continue reading

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Dad is with hospice now… sad……didn’t think it would happen to is or him…. I love u dad….

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Say a prayer for Michael Brown

To whom it may concern…..we are all going to get old… To whom it may concern…..I don’t wear as much makeup as I use to… To whom it may concern….I don’t wear a bikini anymore…. To whom it may concern….I … Continue reading

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Strength and Stamina

please don’t be sad…..I don’t want to be sad… I’m thankful for my stamina… my sibling takes me down… I won’t let him…..I believe in taking care of those in need… watching Kelly and Michael …seems so trivial….just what I … Continue reading

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Easter gift…..geranium… beautiful …. Rebirth….. Think happy and know we can start over….. I’m tired….I need the beauty of rebirth….. I will seek compassion and support with friends…. Bruce would make me so happy…..

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Oatmeal and Beauty?

i had my coffee, my oatmeal and my dose of reality this morning… the town was buzzing with talk of the summer that will never come… have i hit that age where we just talk about the weather? sweet melissa … Continue reading

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Andrea Peyser

soo unfortunate Andrea Peyser chose to crucify PSH….. she said he wasn’t a victim and controlled his own life…. guess she doesn’t “get” addiction and/or disease… guess she hasn’t lost anyone to addiction….. guess she doesn’t understand the concept of … Continue reading

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I’m sad today, however, I allowed it for 2 hours… I wouldn’t give in….. caregiving gets harder and harder… pretty flowers in Pinterest made me smile… sweet Melissa is here healing me make decisions… who should make decisions…. I don’t … Continue reading

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