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DD or Starbuck’s

time for a break… not going to happen… sweetmelissa is going to visit… here today, gone tomorrow… no one really cares…. waiting for the winter air to rush on in…. hope the cold air will erase the past… too many … Continue reading

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Monica Lewinsky and the madness…

good for you monica….you have a voice and you have used it…. shame on andrea peyser and the new york post for shaping history once again…. having worked at The White House, i remain fascinated as to how this affair … Continue reading

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Easter gift…..geranium… beautiful …. Rebirth….. Think happy and know we can start over….. I’m tired….I need the beauty of rebirth….. I will seek compassion and support with friends…. Bruce would make me so happy…..

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Oatmeal and Beauty?

i had my coffee, my oatmeal and my dose of reality this morning… the town was buzzing with talk of the summer that will never come… have i hit that age where we just talk about the weather? sweet melissa … Continue reading

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i’m proud of my mom….it hasn’t been easy for her… mom is going through a transition in life we are all trying to understand… getting older isn’t fun, however, we can make it easier… mom took the first steps yesterday … Continue reading

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I’m sad today, however, I allowed it for 2 hours… I wouldn’t give in….. caregiving gets harder and harder… pretty flowers in Pinterest made me smile… sweet Melissa is here healing me make decisions… who should make decisions…. I don’t … Continue reading

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Coping …all in a day….

i’m going to try hard to be the best i can be …. there is hardship in my life now, however, i have a house over my head… i’m going to look for one good thing a day to pay … Continue reading

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Dallas does New York

Watching the Giants…..Dallas really is a drag. Been a tough day…Moe wasnt feeling great.Neighborly gestures were made….kindness entered the house. Sunday’s bring me back to childhood….put everything off until the afternoon thinking Monday would never come. So many thoughts….want to … Continue reading

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Champagne and Bubbles

I’ll sip and toast the new year. I won’t make any resolutions as I have learned to cherish every day while not anticipating what will be or what could have been. I’m happy all is o.k., as i’ll be watching … Continue reading

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Mr. Mandela

I knew the passing of Nelson Mandela was imminent, however, i didnt realize the impact it would have on me…..I am in awe of his grace, dignity, power and life…. I was living in D.C. When he was released…..i remember … Continue reading

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