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Help those around you — we are on earth a short time — be the best you can be… Continue reading

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Ugly or Pretty Grief

i am dealing with the ugliness of grief as my dad recently died.  The dark side of grief leaves you empty, alone, feeling as if you are crazy and suicidal.  The pretty side of grief allows you to talk with … Continue reading

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everyone tells me to be brave…..think happy thoughts… I’m just trying to get through the minutes of the day… It has been 2 months since dad died…..everyone wants plans for the future… I’m just happy to take a walk and … Continue reading

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I Love You

dad….give me the strength to be strong….. Dad…..give the strength to make you proud… I’ll see you again….I want you to smile… Dad…..I miss you…..I’m in pain, however, you would want me to be your heart and soul… I’ll figure … Continue reading

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Paris Fashion Week

My dad is now in hospice and the world is focusing on Bruce Jennner’s gender. One has nothing to do with the other, yet, nothing makes sense anymore. I love my amazing dad and the world continues to spin. Happy … Continue reading

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Say a prayer for Michael Brown

To whom it may concern…..we are all going to get old… To whom it may concern…..I don’t wear as much makeup as I use to… To whom it may concern….I don’t wear a bikini anymore…. To whom it may concern….I … Continue reading

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Smoothies and Serenity

I love my green smoothies….I love my kale, spinach and protein powder….simple but to the point…. when I wake up in the morningmy smoothies make me happy…. they erase the challenges of the day and give me hope for a … Continue reading

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Dream a little dream

I haven’t written in a few days…..I’ve had a lot to say…just don’t know how to say it….. I want to laugh, scream and yell from the roof….it will be o.k.! I’d also like to scream after watching 2 hours … Continue reading

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A surprise death…..took me by surprise….hardly knew him, however, he was extended family…. I guess it is a sign of the future……I took time to smile today…. How do we make it through the day? Find time to smile and … Continue reading

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Caregiving and Jeopardy

caregiving is the loneliest job in the world….. I try to find laughter along the way… everyone thinks they know…..they don’t…. just don’t try and lose weight along the way….don’t think you’ll find time to get your roots done…. get … Continue reading

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