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Freaky Friday Rambling

rain, migraine, tulips not the day for my spring wardrobe invasion into house by those who think they care… Barbara Walters continues the long good by… wanted to b her when I was little met my goal ….almost let’s all … Continue reading

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Freaky Friday

Headache – Rain – Friday….weekend, what does it all mean? It is freaky — I’ve had my coffee, my NYT’s and Morning Joe and, yet, I still can’t wake up. I need Sandra Dee and yet she isn’t showing up. … Continue reading

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Freaky Friday

Friday at it’s best…..family is here….I’m freaking and I can’t figure out where is the line of faith?  Blue Hawaii seems so far away….where is the beauty and peace?  Bruce, come out and dance tonight….you’ll keep me from crying.  It … Continue reading

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Beauty and the Beholder

Today is an ugly day …..I’m trying.  Every one wants us to “lean in”…..how can we “lean in” when we don’t start at the top?   It is Friday…..I tried to perform an act of kindness this week….my ugly day … Continue reading

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