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Matt and his money

I want to write….can’t write….it is bottled up… what is making me crazy at this moment……NBC claiming their “exclusive” with Pippa Middleton… really? News?! Matt signs a 25 million dollar contract and the children crossing the border can’t find food … Continue reading

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Afghanistan and the soldier

Afghanistan and the soldier. Who are we to judge …..?

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You can’t go back

I’m back and I know I can’t go back. It is over…what was will never be again. I’m here on business and I feel as if I’m a guest. My new home is vacant to me emotionally as my emotions … Continue reading

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Freaky Friday!

Happy Friday? Bostonians are scared….so am I. We have to help the world…..the madness needs to go away. The media is helping….education is good…we have to spread the word enabling our neighbors to watch. Blue Hawaii is so far away. … Continue reading

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