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Blood pressure Boiling!

The Giants lost….took my mind off life… Felt the need for a beer with each interception… Blood pressure went down… Watched one game on iPad…another on iPhone…how sad?! How sad and yet such fun.. 3 people in different rooms watching … Continue reading

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Really!? 300 Advisors being deployed……that started the mess the first time. Thank you 41, 43….the madness doesn’t stop….. The Office of the Presidency brings out the worst in our leaders…

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Afghanistan and the soldier

Afghanistan and the soldier. Who are we to judge …..?

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Santa Barbara Massacre

again, young lives are taken… politicians are bickering on the Sunday shows… take responsibility….take action, let the blame go… make the guns go away…. NRA….stop the madness….. let’s not politicize….save lives…..

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D.C. guns and the woman driver

not sure why they had to kill her….. men with guns…. yes, she was erratic, however, a bit of men being men? blow out the tires….don’t blow out her brains… talking heads are out of control with chatter….coulda, shoulda…they don’t … Continue reading

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Sanity and Syria

i’m under so much pressure and i don’t know how to say …no… noone seems to want to help and i guess that means i should help myself…. i’m alone and don’t want to be alone — the 2 siblings … Continue reading

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Boots on the Ground

boots can’t hit the ground in Syria….. they didn’t help in Iraq or Afghanistan……boots on the ground in Vietnam turned out to be our friends in the end…. no friends will come out of boots on the ground…..the politicians will … Continue reading

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Sunday Sadness

remember how depressing Sunday’s use to be? I use to put off doing my homework until late afternoons on Sunday. I loved Scarlet O’Hara…tomorrow would never come. life seems to be following that same pattern……everyday Is Sunday… will wait over … Continue reading

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I should have a lot to say ….however, I really don’t feel like talking. So much easier to write. I’m trying to make that transition into the next phase of my life and it is harder than I thought it … Continue reading

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Guns, Guns, guns

Sunday morning talk shows …guns, guns, guns……the dialogue is fierce. Conversation has been going on since before I was born. Dialogue is old…do something about it.

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