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Help those around you — we are on earth a short time — be the best you can be… Continue reading

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Peaceful Waves

I’m a struggling to write today, however, I hope I can find the strength. I struggle every day with caregiving….I’m blessed and yet helpless… it is so hard to watch the decline of parents when all you remember are the … Continue reading

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Bruce equals Happiness

what can I say?! Tough day but I knew what to do….went to You Tube and played Bruce. While I didn’t dance with him personally, I smiled, laughed and went to that place of freedom where I could throw my … Continue reading

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Magical Mom

mom….you are my Bruce Springsteen. you rock, you are a star and the magic of your words always made a difference in our lives. you’ve always been consistent in bringing us up…..you were a parent and played at being a … Continue reading

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Dad’s Oasis

yesterday i spent the afternoon cleaning my dad’s backyard patio. it was cathartic for me. recently i came across some photos of the patio in its hay day. dad had been so proud of his patio/grill mancave. i remember our … Continue reading

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Shark Tank

My parents signed their will today…..it is not real to me. Dad is 96….mom is 85….call me crazy, however, they are still in their 50’s to me. I still see dad coming home from his missions grabbing and hugging his … Continue reading

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