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Scared and alone

I’m scared….alone and scared….. dad isn’t doing well.. the news is depressing….more people being beheaded….creepy happy news…a grandchild will be entering the family… I meditated today to find answers…. when I’m sad I listen to Bruce

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Peaceful Waves

I’m a struggling to write today, however, I hope I can find the strength. I struggle every day with caregiving….I’m blessed and yet helpless… it is so hard to watch the decline of parents when all you remember are the … Continue reading

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Really!? 300 Advisors being deployed……that started the mess the first time. Thank you 41, 43….the madness doesn’t stop….. The Office of the Presidency brings out the worst in our leaders…

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Jeopardy and the man

so proud of dad…..96 years old and he knew final jeopardy tonight dad is sweet…..doesn’t have the condescending attitude of Alex….. dad is still curious and loves learning and listening. I’m also proud of my dad ad d-day approaches….he was … Continue reading

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Santa Barbara Massacre

again, young lives are taken… politicians are bickering on the Sunday shows… take responsibility….take action, let the blame go… make the guns go away…. NRA….stop the madness….. let’s not politicize….save lives…..

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Monica Lewinsky and the madness…

good for you monica….you have a voice and you have used it…. shame on andrea peyser and the new york post for shaping history once again…. having worked at The White House, i remain fascinated as to how this affair … Continue reading

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Oatmeal and Beauty?

i had my coffee, my oatmeal and my dose of reality this morning… the town was buzzing with talk of the summer that will never come… have i hit that age where we just talk about the weather? sweet melissa … Continue reading

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Turning Back Time?

in writing this blog i hope to help myself….it was my mantra at the time. i’m not sure if i’m helping myself or if i’m diving deeper into the reality of depression and/or life. i started my journey at the … Continue reading

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Another year!

I’m Lucky to be here….another year almost gone by… I’ll celebrate with family while watching the SuperBowl…..if I can stay awake! Can’t they begin a bit earlier? SuperBowl is in New Jersey this year…..while I love Bruno Mars……couldn’t the Boss … Continue reading

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Dallas does New York

Watching the Giants…..Dallas really is a drag. Been a tough day…Moe wasnt feeling great.Neighborly gestures were made….kindness entered the house. Sunday’s bring me back to childhood….put everything off until the afternoon thinking Monday would never come. So many thoughts….want to … Continue reading

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