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Blood pressure Boiling!

The Giants lost….took my mind off life… Felt the need for a beer with each interception… Blood pressure went down… Watched one game on iPad…another on iPhone…how sad?! How sad and yet such fun.. 3 people in different rooms watching … Continue reading

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Friday and Faith

I have my faith today…Friday is around the corner and that means football, fun and freedom… I don’t have to think, worry or excersize….I feel the need to take the weekend off from life…. my faith is giving me the … Continue reading

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Dallas does New York

Watching the Giants…..Dallas really is a drag. Been a tough day…Moe wasnt feeling great.Neighborly gestures were made….kindness entered the house. Sunday’s bring me back to childhood….put everything off until the afternoon thinking Monday would never come. So many thoughts….want to … Continue reading

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Snow in August?

I’m ready — ready for WINTER! I’ve had it with the heat, humidity, frizz and flip-flops…. I want my Ugg’s…funky winter coats and red lipstick! I promise I won’t complain when it is 40 degrees outside and we have 10 … Continue reading

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Think a Good Thought?!

I guess sometimes it is easier to say nothing….the heat is like hell…the winter is not around the corner…and, I’m waiting for some football! I saw a sign today when I was driving…it said….”think a good thought”…I thought how appropriate … Continue reading

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frantic Friday

Unsure, unsteady, but hoping for more. I’m scared and feeling unsteady….they are getting older….I hope they have time. Peace is a misunderstood word……it means so much in our case…..peace so they can just sleep. Peace so they can feel the … Continue reading

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