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Help those around you — we are on earth a short time — be the best you can be… Continue reading

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Kardashian Krazy

my dad passed away recently….I’m still trying to find my way…. I turn on the tv and see $100 million contracts going to the kardashians…..football players securing $200  Million contracts……….the excess of “The Real Housewives of everywhere “……. I then … Continue reading

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Andrea Peyser

soo unfortunate Andrea Peyser chose to crucify PSH….. she said he wasn’t a victim and controlled his own life…. guess she doesn’t “get” addiction and/or disease… guess she hasn’t lost anyone to addiction….. guess she doesn’t understand the concept of … Continue reading

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Dancing The Night Away!

Dancing the night away…..sweet thoughts…..if only! Freedom is in the music and movement. He was so quiet tonite….if only he would open up and sing. The art of celebrity is sick….we should be in their shoes..if only for a moment. … Continue reading

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