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Tears of Fear

I cried today….wasn’t happy about it….. it is sunny and beautiful…I have to be happy… maybe my Starbucks was 2 strong…ya think? I’m suppose to be strong for my parents…I’m here to support them…..call me crazy….today mom supported me…. I … Continue reading

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Dallas does New York

Watching the Giants…..Dallas really is a drag. Been a tough day…Moe wasnt feeling great.Neighborly gestures were made….kindness entered the house. Sunday’s bring me back to childhood….put everything off until the afternoon thinking Monday would never come. So many thoughts….want to … Continue reading

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Leave Obamacare alone!

O.K…so it isn’t working — can we give it a chance?  The politics of politics is killing our country — oh, for the days of crossing the isle.  All those detractors — do you have better ideas?  The 24 hour media cycle is … Continue reading

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Coffee and conversation

Had my coffee and conversation this morning. Was happy to be with friends I trust. The convenience of a small town is comforting. Don’t know what the week will bring but i am ready for it. Trying to survive on … Continue reading

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one step back..one step forward

monday, monday….where is everyone?  i can’t take steps back anymore…i have to keep moving forward….had my latte, overheard people complaining about their weekends in their mansions….my little world exists in a one block radius… i want peace all around — … Continue reading

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Ms. Jolie

I heard the news about Angelina Jolie today…..she has chosen a double mastectomy in an effort to prevent cancer that is a heredity challenge. She wrote in the NYT’s she wanted to make sure her children didn’t lose their mom. … Continue reading

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