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Dad’s Tree

Thank you for your love and the memories of a lifetime.    

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everyone tells me to be brave…..think happy thoughts… I’m just trying to get through the minutes of the day… It has been 2 months since dad died…..everyone wants plans for the future… I’m just happy to take a walk and … Continue reading

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Dad….I miss you….

Dad died 30 days ago….I miss him terribly…..I live minute to minute……I’m not sure what the new norm is for me…..I miss his voice, his laughter, his soothing support, his face and holding his hand.  He always made me feel … Continue reading

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Kardashian Krazy

my dad passed away recently….I’m still trying to find my way…. I turn on the tv and see $100 million contracts going to the kardashians… players securing $200  Million contracts……….the excess of “The Real Housewives of everywhere “……. I then … Continue reading

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Paris Fashion Week

My dad is now in hospice and the world is focusing on Bruce Jennner’s gender. One has nothing to do with the other, yet, nothing makes sense anymore. I love my amazing dad and the world continues to spin. Happy … Continue reading

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Paris and Pain

Haven’t written in a bit…. The holidays got in the way of reality… My challenges are the same… I’m getting a gratitude jar that will remind me of the good in my life… Paris asks me if I have the … Continue reading

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Blood pressure Boiling!

The Giants lost….took my mind off life… Felt the need for a beer with each interception… Blood pressure went down… Watched one game on iPad…another on iPhone…how sad?! How sad and yet such fun.. 3 people in different rooms watching … Continue reading

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Blonde vs Brunette

she came, she left and she’ll come again…. I’m alone, but I know sweetmelissa is out there…. it is raining….good luck to all of us….. she is blonde.. I’m brunette….. not about looks…. about dad…. every day is a blessing….. … Continue reading

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My dad…the glider pilot

Dad was a glider pilot…..I know so little….. He talks about his family and his future …he is 97…. The men of history are made of heart and stone….. Their courage were guts and their lives were an adventure… Dad … Continue reading

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Parents and Peace

I’ve been absent from my posts as it keeps getting harder and harder…. there is so much I want to say and, yet, I can’t say anything… my parents are aging and I don’t know how to deal with it… … Continue reading

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