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Ugly or Pretty Grief

i am dealing with the ugliness of grief as my dad recently died.  The dark side of grief leaves you empty, alone, feeling as if you are crazy and suicidal.  The pretty side of grief allows you to talk with … Continue reading

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Memories, March Madness and Raymond

i’m getting punched in the face today with rain and memories… i just read an amazing post which encouraged all of us to live in the moment… it gets much easier as we get older to live in the moment … Continue reading

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Coping …all in a day….

i’m going to try hard to be the best i can be …. there is hardship in my life now, however, i have a house over my head… i’m going to look for one good thing a day to pay … Continue reading

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Dallas does New York

Watching the Giants…..Dallas really is a drag. Been a tough day…Moe wasnt feeling great.Neighborly gestures were made….kindness entered the house. Sunday’s bring me back to childhood….put everything off until the afternoon thinking Monday would never come. So many thoughts….want to … Continue reading

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Champagne and Bubbles

I’ll sip and toast the new year. I won’t make any resolutions as I have learned to cherish every day while not anticipating what will be or what could have been. I’m happy all is o.k., as i’ll be watching … Continue reading

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Freedom and Dreams!

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Rock and Roll Dreams…

Balloons bursting in air…Louis Vuitton Bags….Brazillian Blow out…Ugg’s bursting out of my closets…Veneers….Botox…..unlimted spin classes….life time Starbuck’s Venti Ice Tea…Rock and Roll Dreams…Bruce Springsteen dancing in the dark….Aspen…125 pounds…. Darkness brings out the best dream in girls! 

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I just never knew….

I just never knew….I never knew….I never knew it would be this hard…..who would have thought. Birth, life and death. I dealt with life, however, death is getting in the way. Dad is 96 and looks 55….he loves politics, quiz … Continue reading

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Aging in America

I’m learning the art of caregiving……yikes! keep smiling ….. don’t count on siblings…. be happy you made the commitment…. be sad you are alone….. be grateful you are giving back…. wish you saved money to contribute…. smile and laugh….. wonder … Continue reading

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Sunday Sadness

remember how depressing Sunday’s use to be? I use to put off doing my homework until late afternoons on Sunday. I loved Scarlet O’Hara…tomorrow would never come. life seems to be following that same pattern……everyday Is Sunday… will wait over … Continue reading

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