You can’t go back

I’m back and I know I can’t go back. It is over…what was will never be again. I’m here on business and I feel as if I’m a guest. My new home is vacant to me emotionally as my emotions are overridden with fear. Wonder if I were beautiful for a day if it would help?

The media analysts have to take a break from Zimmerman…..the 60’s are over and protests will never be the same. At 17 the world was just opening up to me…..he’ll never have that opportunity. Jurist 37a said basically they deserved each other…she was also going to write a book about the jury system. Makes you sick, doesn’t it?

If we could all just go back for a second in time..


About sweetmelissa1954

Love family, life, Starbucks and change! Transition is the new norm....learning to go with the flow and embrace each day...I love politics, news and Bruce Springsteen! I write about life, Hawaii, coffee, sibling rivalry, politics, friends, care giving and just another day!
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