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my mom

my mom was an imp is an imp and can tell a joke like betty white or joan rivers. she also loves to dance to ‘ball in the jack’….not only dance to the song but teach to all the children … Continue reading

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wheel of fortune…why does it bug me? vanna, pat….mid-America spitting out the alphabet! gowns from yesteryear….a toupee you want to yank from his head….it irks me! yelling out those vowels…money in return and after all the shouting you hit bankrupt! … Continue reading

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Matt Lauer Madness

Just when you thought it was safe to turn on the television….people are feeling sorry for Matt Lauer! Mr. Matt eased out Ann Curry and now the p.r. machine is trying to make good for our anchorman. He is being … Continue reading

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Waiting for help….I’m trying to take the first step….I can do it. Help maybe not needed.

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