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Fall is the new summer

summer heat as we fall into fall…. make me smile….. I want to wear boots….. my gray is turning blonde under the dryer…. I’ll feel pretty and be Able to keep the faith time for Starbucks…..

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Snow in August?

I’m ready — ready for WINTER! I’ve had it with the heat, humidity, frizz and flip-flops…. I want my Ugg’s…funky winter coats and red lipstick! I promise I won’t complain when it is 40 degrees outside and we have 10 … Continue reading

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Home for the Summer?

Good morning Mom, just a quick note to tell you Mildred and I are arriving at 12:30 and have appointments in Newport most of the afternoon. We should be home by 8:00 tonight and will have dinner with you all. What ever … Continue reading

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