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Glider Pilot Dad

Dad died last week….he was 97….his life amazing… I’m so sad….I miss him so much….. I miss our conversations….his love of life…. He will miss his first great grandchild…. He wanted to vote for Hilary Clinton…..go dad! No one prepares … Continue reading

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Dad, thank you for being my hero… Dad, thank you for being my strength… Dad, thank you for giving me the opportunity to travel the world… Dad, thank you for teaching me the future is our strength, never look back… … Continue reading

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Brian Williams

He made a mistake… The days of Walter Cronkite are long gone… He cares about our men and women in combat… He made a mistake… Newsreaders are not the backbone of our society… We make our own judgements…

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Art and Community

Originally posted on AlvaradoFrazier:
Heart of the Sea by Ray Ferrer ? While reading a favorite blogger’s post “Emotion on Canvas,” this image caught my attention. Truthfully, all of Ray Ferrer’s artwork catches my attention. The majesty of the ship,…

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Dad is with hospice now… sad……didn’t think it would happen to is or him…. I love u dad….

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