Rambling Rose

I’m suppose to be thankful during the holidays….well,I am….I’m also frustrated with the absurdity of my life right now.
I’m grateful I have an amazing family….I have 2 siblings…..I’m not so grateful they’ve disappeared during this hiatus in my life.
I have to stop living in the past when we were a family….a family that supported each other during the difficult times in life.
Now everyone has disappeared….life goes on while our life is at a standstill….
How lucky am I that my dad is 97 and living at home? He loves his bagel.
How disappointed am I our medical system is ignoring him….well, I guess I know what lies ahead for me….
My brother is holding us hostage to his whims….it breaks my heart…..need help but no one is listening…


About sweetmelissa1954

Love family, life, Starbucks and change! Transition is the new norm....learning to go with the flow and embrace each day...I love politics, news and Bruce Springsteen! I write about life, Hawaii, coffee, sibling rivalry, politics, friends, care giving and just another day!
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