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Champagne and Bubbles

I’ll sip and toast the new year. I won’t make any resolutions as I have learned to cherish every day while not anticipating what will be or what could have been. I’m happy all is o.k., as i’ll be watching … Continue reading

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Santa’s heat wave

🎄I won’t be sad we are not all together…..i’m grateful i will be with those i love…. 🎅how do we come to terms that family will not open the presents under the tree as a whole? I will miss the … Continue reading

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Santa and Starbuck’s

Noone is ever alone at Christmas….we always have Santa….Starbuck’s and Cher…. Posted via DraftCraft app

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We love Santa

santa is always with us …. through the good and bad…we love santa!

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Broncos’ O, Cowboys’ D both can break records

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Saturday Snowflakes

love the Saturday snowflakes…..they free me….. days of fires, hot chocolate and innocence…. Colorado happened again…..when will Washington listen? our children need their innocence…. politics gets in the way of life

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The Past

i read a colleague’s blog — he talked about the importance of nostalgia in one’s life. it reinforced my past and present and supported my thoughts that i’ll be o.k. i live in the past right now as i try … Continue reading

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The Present Benefits of Living in the Past


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Mr. Mandela

I knew the passing of Nelson Mandela was imminent, however, i didnt realize the impact it would have on me…..I am in awe of his grace, dignity, power and life…. I was living in D.C. When he was released…..i remember … Continue reading

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Paul Walker

Paul Walker was a big man who loved simplicity. He performed acts of kindness all of the time….he purchased an engagement ring for a couple who could not afford….the fiance had just returned from Iraq…. Today a gentleman in town … Continue reading

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