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zimmerman trial — must watching?  we all have our opinions….who will break first?  the book, movie and interviews are waiting….the madness of cable is our future.  

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Feet of Strength: Daredevil Nik Wallenda Tightropes 1,500 Feet Above Grand Canyon

tough to watch….was he a daredevil or crazy? three children to think about….must have some insurance policy…. he is a master of his domain!

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New Jersey Couple Facing Fine Over Bird Feeder


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Real Housewives Of New York: Sonja Morgan “Boobs and Burlesque”

all about money!?

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Monday Minutia

It is Monday…..the Grand Canyon was conquered….audiences watched waiting for the inevitable…..thank god it didn’t happen. However, there was the element of the absurd……watching the possibility of death a doorstep away. What happened to the days of “Leave it to … Continue reading

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