Home for the Summer?


Good morning Mom, just a quick note to tell you Mildred and I are
arriving at 12:30 and have appointments in Newport most of the afternoon. We should
be home by 8:00 tonight and will have dinner with you all. What ever you
all are having is fine with us. Just wanted to mentioned we do not eat
fish,poultry,red meat, pasta,rice,pizza,potatoes, deli meat, cheese, eggs or drink any

 I do enjoy an imported beer once in a while and Mildred will have a glass of
fine wine from Napa Valley. Just a few requests we have to make our stay
enjoyable…….no TV after 8:00 PM, fresh towels each morning, brewed
coffee,fresh squeezed orange juice and if Louella still goes to Goldberg’s
everyday… please bring us bagels. We only eat egg and whole wheat bagels and are considering going gluten free.

I do not want Preston visiting or taking log’s from the front porch. Dad worked to hard spilling his guts and soul to give us the luxury of logs, therefore, no one should “borrow” them.

Mary and John are always welcome during the day but just one
night to join us for cocktails. Muffy may be calling the house phone so all
calls must be answered through 11:30 PM due to the the time difference. Let’s have a
wonderful week and if all our requests are fulfilled well we will be
back for the entire month of July with Muffy……Love, Jack

About sweetmelissa1954

Love family, life, Starbucks and change! Transition is the new norm....learning to go with the flow and embrace each day...I love politics, news and Bruce Springsteen! I write about life, Hawaii, coffee, sibling rivalry, politics, friends, care giving and just another day!
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