Aging Sucks — but there is always botox for sanity?

freedomaging sucks…there i said it. i need help and there is no help out there. i like obama…obama care doesn’t work. my parents need help, there is no help out there. i was brought up to be strong….strength doesn’t always help. i’m afraid to give up…therefore, i won’t. they gave all their lives…now there is nothing for them to take. i’m waiting for the surprise that doesn’t happen.

good luck to all exploring the world of geriatrics….there aren’t support groups that give the right answers. it comes down to family having family and helping family. if i could change the world i would take a lesson from the far east and remind everyone the elderly are to be honored, respected and revered.

we have to keep smiling and laughing to bring relief….it could be worse…but then, could it? i want to pay it forward, however, life isn’t letting me pay it forward. there are tooo many rules in the way.

we have to be pretty, rich and powerful to have our way and it just isn’t happening. thank god for happy hour….it gets me through wheel of fortune and jeopary, yes, caregiving is a breeze. my room then gives me the sancitity of “The Real Housewives of the O.C.”….more freedom for me!

About sweetmelissa1954

Love family, life, Starbucks and change! Transition is the new norm....learning to go with the flow and embrace each day...I love politics, news and Bruce Springsteen! I write about life, Hawaii, coffee, sibling rivalry, politics, friends, care giving and just another day!
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