Botox and Bagels

I just had my six month fill of Botox. I receive it for migraines, however, I don’t mind the side effects! Right now looking younger would be a blessing….I never thought I’d like youth on my side, however, with depression vanity sets in. On that note…I saw “Silver Lining Playbook” yesterday… just didn’t work for me. The “Silver Lining” was a bit to dark. I think I’ll stick to Disney….I found the movie one of the worst movies I ever saw….the insanity was much to real.

I’m trying to find sanity this week and everyone sounds worse…..I also have to work on the music at Starbucks….downer. Hopefully, the Botox will settle and I’ll find a quick fix for my vanity. I’m not Sandra Dee. Maybe, I’ll just pay it forward today.


About sweetmelissa1954

Love family, life, Starbucks and change! Transition is the new norm....learning to go with the flow and embrace each day...I love politics, news and Bruce Springsteen! I write about life, Hawaii, coffee, sibling rivalry, politics, friends, care giving and just another day!
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