New Book Outlines The Secrets Of Morning Television

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CBS New York

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NEW YORK (WLNY) — It’s been months since Ann Curry’s tearful goodbye from her spot on The Today Show, but the rumors rustle on about why she really left.

This behind-the-scenes drama in the battle for morning television viewers is at the heart of the new book Top of the Morning, byNew York Times media writer Brian Stelter.

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He joined us on The Couch to talk about television ratings, Ann Curry and the industry’s secrets.

The project required Stelter to build relationships with folks at the top tier of the television business.

“A lot of people in TV have egos, they want to talk about themselves sometimes, and I played into that. I told them I was basically a student who needed an education in morning TV,” Stelter said.

He took away more than…

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