The Power of Choice

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iStock_000005926987XSmall-e1306358879389My life has been undergone a massive transformation over the past year.  I have shared a lot of those moments with many of you who read this blog and I have written about many of them as well.


This past week when hearing about two young men who decided to take their own life I have been reminded of some very painful memories.  If you haven’t been there before it’s tough to understand how someone could come to that decision.  It’s not that hard for me.  Don’t judge what you don’t know.  Eleven months ago I was in that place…contemplating that decision…making that choice.  All I know to tell you is that for individuals contemplating the unthinkable, it seems completely rational.  The choice of suicide is one that feels like the best available option when you are mired in depression or struggling with a mental illness.


The best…

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